The Meaningful Impact TM podcast is produced for marketers, corporate responsibility professionals, and anyone inspired by purpose-driven leaders who leverage their ordinary roles to make an extraordinary difference.

In the narrative style of ‘This American Life’ and ‘99% Invisible’, Meaningful Impact episodes reveal surprising, behind-the-scenes stories about the development of award-winning advertising, cause marketing campaigns, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.


The Meaningful Impact TM  Awards recognize outstanding achievements in mutually-beneficial corporate citizenship — because we believe that companies can do the greatest good when project leaders achieve a triple win:

  1. win for their for-profit business
  2. win for a cause
  3. a win for the individual(s) on the project team


Current Episode

Current Episode


The ad agency for Coors Light proposed a million-dollar campaign to promote the beer by painting billboards on the flat rooftops of apartment buildings. No one would be able to see the billboards from the ground. Can you imagine any circumstance where you would have approved that campaign? Coors Light did. Find out why on this episode of Meaningful Impact.

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