We Can Help You Do Well… by Doing Good

Do Well by Doing Good

Meaningful Impact TM is perhaps best known for our eponymous podcast and awards.

The Meaningful Impact podcast is produced for marketers, corporate responsibility professionals, and anyone inspired by purpose-driven leaders who leverage their ordinary roles to make an extraordinary difference.

The Meaningful Impact awards recognize outstanding achievements in mutually-beneficial corporate citizenship — because we believe that companies can do the greatest good when project leaders leverage their corporate budgets to create alignment between the strategic priorities of their company, the critical needs of a cause, and the self-fulfillment goals of project team members, personally and professionally.

Our hope is to motivate the development of more purpose-driven campaigns, by demonstrating how cause marketing can:

  • attract new customers
  • increase retention and loyalty of existing customers
  • enhance corporate reputation
  • recruit high-performing employees
  • mobilize public support
  • improve legislative outcomes
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Editorial Independence

To preserve editorial independence, we do not charge a fee, nor do we pay a fee, for case study guests and experts to appear on publicly-distributed episodes of the Meaningful Impact podcast.

Episode story ideas are selected for their educational and motivational potential to inspire greater corporate responsibility and to increase cause marketing effectiveness.

Similarly, contributors are chosen for their insights and expertise at providing practical how to advice that marketers can use to do well by doing good.

Podcast Host

Michael Organ
Michael Organ

The Meaningful Impact podcast is produced and hosted by Michael Organ, who specializes in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) communications. He is also the founder and editor of CSR.org and the Cause Marketing Museum.

Michael Organ offers the insight and expertise which comes from analyzing the outcomes of marketing campaigns that he’s implemented for over 500 corporate and non-profit clients.

In addition to hosting the Meaningful Impact podcast, Michael Organ oversees the Meaningful Impact Awards, as Executive Director.

Previously, Michael Organ was a Managing Director at Avoq (a public affairs and reputation agency); Vice President of Digital Marketing at Thematic Campaigns; and served as Obama for America’s first Digital Advertising Director and subsequently its Message Director. That led to co-founding Bully Pulpit, a leading digital marketing and public affairs agency for high-profile campaigns seeking transformational change.

Featured Experts

Meaningful Impact is grateful for the research insights of the marketing and communications professors who appear on our show. We are equally grateful to the seasoned industry experts in advertising, advocacy, public relations, and corporate responsibility who share their lessons learned.