We Can Help You Do Well… By Doing Good

The same team which produces the Meaningful Impact TM podcast is also available to create custom CSR communications for your agency or organization.

Our services include:

Corporate Responsibility Reports

  • Annual Report Summaries:  Stakeholder-specific ‘one pagers’ which highlight the most compelling CSR facts and messages for each audience, including: policymakers, customers, business development prospects, employees, and potential recruits.
  • Campaign Impact Reports:  Highlights of campaign-specific outcomes which focus on tangible, social impact. Ideal as reading material for reception areas, client meeting rooms, campaign microsites, and the corporate responsibility section of your website.
  • Modular Fact Sheets:  Useful for inserting into conference presentations, proposal pitch decks, handouts at all-staff meetings, and recruiting materials.


  • Custom CSR.org Podcast Episodes: Hosted by Michael Organ. You choose the story concept and the guests to be interviewed. We handle script-writing and production of the custom podcast episode.
  • Cause Affinity Articles:  Advocating for a common-sense solution is an excellent way to establish your company as a cause champion and thought leader whose goals are mutually-aligned with the interests of policymakers, customers, and community leaders. These thought leadership articles are typically themed as: “How <Company> is Making a Meaningful Impact for <Cause>”
  • Executive Positioning Articles:  To further bolster an executive’s credentials and reputation, these articles are typically written in interview format and themed as: “How is Making a Meaningful Impact”
Meaningful Impact Sponsored Content

Brand Journalism

  • Good News Bureau:  Through a combination of staff interviews and data mining, Meaningful Impact can develop monthly Corporate Citizenship features. These feature stories can be shared via social media, internal newsletters, and recruiting materials.
  • Infographics:  CSR infographics are ideal for reports, conference presentations, and share-worthy social media posts. Note: Stakeholders are far more impressed by specific outcomes (e.g., number of children protected from cholera by immunizations) rather than inputs (e.g., number of hours volunteered by staff). Our approach corporate citizenship research and infographics reflects this understanding.

Award Programs

Partner with Meaningful Impact to create a corporate responsibility awards program that will Increase staff morale and motivation. A Meaningful Impact awards program can also deepen relationships with clients by including them as potential award recipients, in recognition of their participation in joint service projects.

  • Meaningful Impact TM Awards:  Based on a mutually-established scoring system, Meaningful Impact’s corporate citizenship trophies can be awarded for each level of accomplishment, such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Honorable Mentions.
  • Meaningful Impact TM Ambassador Plaques:  Recognize and reward ‘super volunteers’ who motivate their peers to participate in your volunteer, philanthropy, and advocacy programs. Plaques are available in either wall-mountable or desktop versions.
  • Meaningful Impact TM Certificates Attractive certificates, suitable for framing, are available for for staff who achieve laudable milestones, for corporate-sponsored community service hours, donation drives, and advocacy.